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It started in 1998 with a series of intrusive telemarketing calls by a Sears affiliate pitching vinyl siding. My protestations and letters asking them to stop were ignored and the calls continued, months on end.

Thus began a lengthy legal battle pitting me – at the time a stay at home mom of three young sons – against an industry. I invoked a little known federal law that awarded consumers money for telemarketers’ violations – the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Diana as the proverbial David ultimately prevailed against Goliath Sears, snagging an interview in USA Today and with Matt Lauer on the set of the Today Show as well as a spot on Dateline NBC and a mention in People Magazine’s 1999 Twenty Five Most Intriguing People issue.

It’s just as clear today that people despise telemarketing – something confirmed by the immense popularity of the National Do Not Call registry. You can add your residential land and wireless lines to the registry by clicking HERE. They will remain on the registry until you remove or relinquish them.

Congress refers to those who do what I do – bring lawsuits in the public interest – as “private attorneys general”. What’s more, Congress expressly included a “private right of action” provision in the statute, meant to encourage consumers to stand up for their rights. If filing suit is outside your comfort zone, you can still do your part by reporting scofflaws to the Commission here.

Since Sears, I’ve continued to act in the public interest against a variety of entities that habitually flout the law: